Sarró de pastor


A handmade piece of lamb skin from Andorran sheep that the shepherds used to carry the food when they went out into the mountains with the flock.


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From the Mediterranean to the Cantabrian Sea there stretches the long backbone of the Pyrenees. This geographical complex has for centuries had its own cultural, agricultural and spiritual identity. Andorra, in spite of the small territory it covers, forms part of this extensive geography and its rich heritage.

The project VITAL has its origin in this little country’s determination not to lose its identity. Our first activity has consisted in saving the coats of the sheep from being destroyed, when the animals are sheared each spring.

The people who inhabit the mountain have always used this natural fiber to dress themselves, for protection against the cold, and to make indispensable material for a good mattress.

Ara VITAL recupera el sarró de pastor. Una peça de pell de corder de ramats andorrans que els pastors feien servir per dur la menja quan sortien a la muntanya amb el ramat. Esperem que aquesta nova recreació -una peça utilitària senzilla i humil- guardi la memòria d’un viure que cada cop sentim més a prop nostre.