VITAL revives a tradition that, easily, with the passing of time and modernity can disappear. We aim to combine tradition, of which we are heirs, with an innovative design. All with noble materials.

The project is born in 2019 from a collaboration with Timoteo Ccarita Sacaca, Vicenç Santamaria i Ollé and Albert Gomà i Sala. The project is called VITAL (VI of Vicenç + T of Timoteo + AL of Albert = VITAL). Timoteo Ccarita Sacaca is a master weaver, researcher of natural dyes and trainer of weavers from Pitumarca, Cusco (Peru). He promoted and restored the Inca culture by maintaining the original designs and techniques in the preparation of the wool and its subsequent weaving. Vicenç Santamaria i Ollé is an artist who lived in a village in the Pyrenees and collaborates as artistic advisor. Albert Gomà i Sala coordinates the VITAL project. Magda Osorio, designer and sewer, is currently participating in the creation of the shepherd's pillow and the shepherd's bag. 140 weavers from communities in the Andes take part in the elaboration of the alpaca wool yarn in an entirely handmade way. They are also dedicated to natural dyeing and weaving on the traditional waist loom. Different associations of weavers collaborate in this project. Mothers club from Ccapacchapi; the associations: Munaik Tiklla, Inka Pachacutec, Ñaupa Away Karwi, Uchu Llukllu, Wasa Pampa i Labraco from Pitumarca; the association of Santa Bàrbara, from San Pablo; Chokecancha, from Lares; and the association Tres Alpaquitas, from Marca Pata. 

Through art, we introduce a new form of collaboration between different cultures and we look for a space without borders where we explore what really connects us. We would like to convey common values and aesthetics that identify us and, at the same time, make clear the identity of each community.